How art trusted Works

Art trusted promotes fair business practices and ethical standards in the art . Collectors shopping at a art trusted approved art can trust that the artwork makes  art.

The key components of our service are:

  • Certification process
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Conflict resolution

At the heart of our service is the Art Trusted Code of Conduct, which sets forth the ethics and values of our certified artwork.

Certification Process

Our certification process ensures that only art is accepted to our program.

ow it works

1. The artist applies for their artwork to be Art Trusted certified.He send a picture and a a brief description

2. The artwork is reviewed by our research staff. We consider art details such as the non-existence of a carrying handle, a chewing gum stuck on the table unintentionally, and more to ensure that each artwork meets the Code of Art. Incomplete artwork are sent back to the approval queue until the missing information is supplied.

3. A third-party art doctor reviews the artwork and conducts due dilligence check and may request additional information from the artist. If artwork requires changes before approval,  we reach out to the artist to request the changes.

4. Common changes include adding a carrying handle, a nail to hang the table, the absence of chewing gum stuck unintentionally…

5. Upon approval, we issue a Art Trusted seal and certificate via e-mail to be installed on the artwork. You just have to print it. You can also receive it by mail.

6. Artworks are rejected if the artwork and art fail to meet the Code of Art .

Conflict Resolution

Art Trusted mediates conflicts between collectors and Art Trusted certified artwork 

2. Our administrator reviews the complaint and forwards it to the responsible artist.

3. The artist given a period of time to work out a solution with the collectors.

4. Art Trusted helps ensure the collectors’s satisfaction.

5. If the Code of Art is breached, Art Trusted reserves the right to revoke certification.

1. The collectors submits a complaint about a Art Trusted certified artwork.