What Does the ARTrusted™ Seal Mean to Collectors?

ARTrusted™ works to protect collectors from fraudulent and unethical Art practices.

Seeing the ARTrusted™ seal means that the piece of art in question:

  • Is it art ?
  •  Has the artist an ethical billing practices ?
  • Does he Offer a carrying handle ?
  • Is he cleared on due diligence ?

ARTrusted™ means that the collector can trust that the piece of work  holds approval by Greem Feld an independent ‘Pataphysician Art doctor, and that there are no concerns about the legitimacy of the product.

Collectors Protection

When it comes to shopping for art products and supplements, collectors worry whether the products they see are represented accurately. They also worry about whether a product is safe, and whether they can ask for a refund on an unsatisfactory product. Another important worry is whether an online purchase might result in unauthorized charges to a credit card.

ARTrusted™ alleviates all of these fears by recognizing ethical, trustworthy websites. The ARTrusted™ seal protects consumers from inaccurate representation, fraudulent claims, and unethical business  art practices. Every piece or art holding the seal passes the ARTrusted™ Code of Conduct first, with evaluation by an independent ‘pataphysician doctor.

Trusted Validity

Collectors have access to several ways to verify the validity of a ARTrusted™ certificate. Every ARTrusted™ certificate incorporates security features, making it difficult to falsify. Consumers can be certain that a website with a seal upholds the art standards necessary for approval. To double-check the certificate’s validity, click on it and watch for the “artrusted.worpress.com” domain name to appear in the address bar. Additionally, validity can be confirmed using a QRC code scanner on any smartphone.

Rigorous Standards

ARTrusted™ hires only art doctors with a clean background check, ethical practices and no bias. Although the application process is open to every art-related piece of work, only piece of works that meet the rigorous Code of Conduct receive the seal. We work with piece of art that need additional assistance to meet the standards necessary, but we never grant certification to a piece of art that fails to meet standards.

ARTrusted™ ensures that every piece of art continues to uphold the standards, even after certification is granted. As a collector, if you feel that a ARTrusted™ certified piece of art fails to meet standards, such as failure to accept a reasonable refund request, please submit a report to have the piece of art reviewed promptly.