Put Your collectors at Ease with Third-Party Art Approval

Create Trust and Increase artistic reputation

Today,  all the artist claim to create works of art. Although those type of artists ignores art, which is vital, to establishing trust at a deeper level. With the Art Trusted™ seal, any uncertainty about your artwork is eliminated, giving collectors a new level of confidence to purchase your product.

Resolve Top Collectors Concerns

Is it art?

Is this artwork has a carrying handle?

What would my wife think?

Is this reputable artist?

When a collector sees the Art Trusted™ seal on a artwork , the certificate of approval, reassuring collectors that a third-party art doctor has evaluated your artwork. The certificate lists the name and credentials of the art doctor. Relevant comments by the art doctor are also included. Finally, the certificate offers assurance that your artwork meets the art Trusted™ ethical Code of Art.

Collector Confidence = More Revenue

Strategically placed seal generates a significant sales lift.

Split testing (also known as A/B testing) shows that a strategically placed seal generates a revenue lift between 7% and 30%. The return on your investment is enormous considering virtually zero effort and minuscule cost of our service.


International Artworks are Welcome

We support honest artwork around the world. We have artists from Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands and many other countries. We can issue Art Trusted seal and certificate in a language of your choice.

Art Trusted™ Seals

After your artwork certification is complete, we’ll send you easy to follow instructions on how to install our  seals on your artwork.