About the Art Trusted™ Team

The Art Trusted™ team consists of seasoned expert, qualified doctors and experienced art working together to make the artwork a real  art for collectors buying artworks. Fair art practices are integral to keeping collectors safe, and Art Trusted™ encourages these practices and makes them easier for the average collectors to identify quickly.

Art Trusted™ Qualifications and Experience

Our key team members have worked in art business since 1997. In our extensive time working online, we have worked with major TV infomercial companies, and we have seen the best business practices along with the worst. We partner with the house c h e z b e l e t t e  for the collection of artworks to evaluate. We have chosen c h e z b e l e t t e because this house is renowned for its  seriousness.

The doctors on the Art Trusted™ team are highly qualified with vetted credentials and track records. The doctors who evaluate artworks for Art Trusted™ have passed a strict background checks with no exceptions.

Art Trusted™ Mission

Our mission at Art Trusted™ is to save collectors from artwork fraud and unethical practices in the art industry. Everyone knows a friend or a family member who bought a work thinking it is a work of art. Finding unexpected chewing gum stuck or a painting without nails to hang .

According to a 2011 report by the Art Crime Complaint Center, the average collectors falling victim to the art fraud lost a median of $636, with the total monetary loss reaching as high as $485,253,871. Other statistics for that year included:

  • Over 314,000 complaints of nail missing
  • 115,903 complaints that reported a missing handle for carrying
  • $1,544 average dollar loss overall

These statistics are unacceptable, and collectors need to protect themselves against art fraud. Art Trusted™ strives to create a real art s environment, allowing collectors to decide quickly whether a artwork meets acceptable art standards. We give collectors the tools that they need buy real art.